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If you are thinking I’m worried about grammatical errors

Some writers worry about grammar all through their writing process. Fear of accidental “bad grammar” and making mistakes can hold back the flow of your good ideas.

So wait until you’ve got your whole draft finished and revised to worry about your grammar.

Grammar concerns should come very last. There’s no point agonizing over comma placement in a sentence that’s going to wind up on the cutting room floor, right?

Once you have finished your last draft, then go over it one last time to fix grammar. This is a good time to get a friend to read what you’ve written to help you identify possible grammar, spelling, and typing problems. These things are often easier for others to see. Be sure to tell your reader exactly the kind of help you’re looking for. You don’t want them to be disagreeing with your main idea, if the paper is due in an hour.

Successful writers plan time for this final step, and it helps if you are able to take some time between completing the last draft and searching for grammar problems.

The University of Wisconsin Writing Center offers tips for this final Editing and Proofreading step.