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When you give to Union Institute & University, you impact the lives of adults who seek to create change within their world. Your contribution makes a difference not only to Union Institute & University, but to our communities across the globe. See what happens when you support Union students with a gift to the Union Institute & University Annual Fund.

Learn more about how to give to Union Institute & University, how your contributions impact our students, and how to receive tax deductions for your gift to UI&U.

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Annual Fund Campaign

Annual Fund Campaign

Join hundreds of UI&U alums with your gift today!

Do you remember the first day of your first colloquia or residency, or the first time you discussed your learning plan with a faculty advisor? Do you remember feeling empowered by knowledge …the confidence you gained by earning your degree? Being immersed in a different kind of education led to a different kind of outcome in your life.

You can pass along that same feeling to others just like you. When you give to Union’s scholarship funds, you – quite simply – support a new generation of scholars and leaders, adults who, like you, sought a creative, socially relevant education and the ability to make a difference.

While other universities may ask for funding to build a new stadium or a new facility, Union is interested in building the number of adults who can earn a college degree. But it isn’t just about any college degree. A degree from Union carries the legacy of more than 15,500 graduates who have made differences small and large in their own lives, their own communities, and beyond. Because you understand the significance of a Union degree, we need your support to continue our mission and vision.

As a member of the Union family, your support makes all the difference. Your contribution today can lessen the financial obstacles standing between adult learners and their college aspirations, and ultimately, their desire to seek social change.

Together, we can support UI&U, our students and our vision, as we embark on the next 50 years.

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Giving To Union Institute & University

Donate Now

What if you could be a part of raising millions of scholarship dollars and it would only cost $5.00 a week? Would you be willing to pack your lunch or give up an over-priced cup of coffee once a week?

You already know that Union alumni make a difference every day in the lives of their families and their communities all over the world…And by working in union, your support ensures that generations of students will be able, like you, to make a difference every day.

By working in union, your gift is multiplied hundreds, if not thousands, of times…by simply deciding to make a gift today! You and your fellow alumni, whether you graduated last year or 30 years ago, can make a world of difference for those wanting to follow in your footsteps.

There is strength in our numbers: 15,500 Union alumni strong making a $10 gift every other Friday provides more than $3 million in scholarship funds annually to future and current Union students.

Our online donation option allows you to make this goal a reality by making a sustaining and recurring gift based on your schedule and your budget. Do you get paid every other Friday? You could make a donation once a week, every pay day or once a month, easily and seamlessly using our online donation forms. Of course, we will graciously accept a gift of any amount, either through a recurring payment or a one-time gift.

To make giving easy, Union accepts American Express, VISA, MasterCard and Discover credit cards.

Please make your gift today and let this movement start with you!

And, remember Union in your estate planning. For more information, contact the Development Office at or at 513-487-1166.

UI&U Donors

Union Institute & University Donors

Union celebrates its many generous donors who contribute to the university in support of our common vision: engaging, enlightening, and empowering students in a lifetime of learning and service. Thank you for your years of support and for your dedication to higher education and social change!

Donor Honor Roll

In an effort to publicly recognize the generosity of our donors, we produce and send out a benefactor’s list, or donor honor roll each year. Each name represents one more opportunity for Union students to make a difference in their communities and the lives of others.

Donor Bill of Rights

The Donor Bill of Rights (LINK HERE: )was developed by the American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel (AAFRC), Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and was adopted by most institutes of higher education in November 1993.

As a donor, you are a crucial member of the Union community. If at any time you have a question regarding a donation to the university, please contact our Advancement Office at

Tax Deductions

Your charitable contribution to Union Institute & University may be tax-deductible, and Union development staff provide all necessary gift receipts for cash contributions (to the extent of the law), as well as acknowledgements for gifts-in-kind and other non-cash gifts.

For more information regarding your tax-deductible gift to Union, please consult your financial advisor or the Advancement Office at

Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Giving to UI&U can be as simple as writing a check or as carefully planned as including Union in your estate plans. No matter the gift, Union offers the support you need to make your gift memorable and to create the most impact.

Outright Gifts

Often, Union Institute & University alumni and friends find that giving an outright gift is a convenient and generous way to contribute to the futures of Union students. And, your cash contributions to Union are tax-deductible in the year they are made (subject to limitations per the IRS).

Donors may contribute to a wide variety of scholarship funds, which serve to financially support current Union Institute & University students as they work toward a college degree; to the university’s endowment; or to the Union Institute & University Annual Fund, which supports critical university operations, such as program innovation and technology support.

If you wish to donate now, you can give online using the UI&U Online Giving Form. You may also complete the UI&U Donor Form and send both the form and donation, in the form of a check, credit card payment, or cash donation to:

Union Institute & University
Attn:  Annual Fund
440 E. McMillan Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Giving Levels

  • Visionary Society: $75,000 and above
  • Cornerstone Council: $45,000-74,999
  • Legacy Society: $25,000-$44,999
  • Founder’s Circle: $15,000-24,999
  • Trustee’s Circle: $10,000-14,999
  • President’s Council: $5,000-9,999
  • Provost’s Roundtable: $2,500-4,999
  • Dean’s Society: $1,000-2,499
  • Scholars: $500-999
  • Mentors: $100-499
  • Learning Partners: Up to $99

Planned Giving

By including Union in your financial and estate plans, you may increase your current income and provide future support for areas of the university important to you. By engaging in planned giving, you may be able to make a larger gift than you might have thought possible – while also benefiting your own financial situation. Please contact your financial advisor or a Union Institute & University development officer to discuss the many benefits to planned giving.

Matching Gifts

Have you asked your supervisor if your company matches charitable donations? If not, be sure to do so! Many companies offer a matching gift program that could double or even triple your Union Institute & University contributions. Find out if your employer has a matching gift program and increase your contribution to Union today.


Thanks to the generosity of UI&U donors, our students currently benefit from scholarship awards from several endowed or donor-restricted scholarship funds. However, there is always substantial need, and your contribution to one of the scholarship funds listed below could provide access to education for students who may not otherwise have the wherewithal to complete their degrees. If you choose to support a UI&U scholarship, simply include the scholarship name in your gift designation.

Undergraduate Scholarship Funds:

Bachelor of Arts Scholarship Fund:
Bachelor of Arts students

Bachelor of Science Scholarship Fund:
Bachelor of Science students

International Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund:
Undergraduate and graduate students

M.K. and Kamala Mitra Scholarship Fund:
Bachelor of Science and doctoral students

Graduate Scholarship Funds:

Stephanie Johnson Union Institute & University Doctoral Scholarship Fund:
Doctoral students enrolled in the Union Institute & University Ph.D., Ed.D., or Psy.D. program

Bates Fund for Social Activists:
Doctoral students committed to social change

Fontaine Maury Belford Scholarship Fund:
Doctoral students exhibiting innovative or ground-breaking work in their field

Robert T. Conley Scholarship Fund:
Doctoral students pursuing an Ed.D., specializing in educational leadership

Christine R. Day Business Scholarship Fund:

Doctoral students pursuing business-related studies

John M. Haynes Scholarship Fund:
Doctoral students studying conflict resolution

International Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Fund:
Undergraduate and graduate students

Daniel J. Ransohoff Scholarship Fund:
Doctoral students studying the social sciences

Agnes Rettig Scholarship Fund:

Doctoral students exhibiting a creative drive and personal initiative

Aaron and Roslyn Wallace Scholarship Fund:

Master’s or doctoral students pursuing studies in health and wellness

For more information regarding your tax-deductible gift to Union Institute & University, contact