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Union Institute & University’s leaders are featured for their commitment to the university’s purpose and mission. Our leadership is proudly active, engaging in the governance of the institution while remaining committed to its growth and development.

Dr.  Roger H. Sublett

President | Union Institute & University

A respected leader and educator, Roger H. Sublett, Ph.D., has dedicated his career to helping learners, colleagues and coworkers, and entire institutions develop the confidence and skills necessary to become leaders in their fields. Dr. Sublett’s enthusiastic voice provided constant inspiration in countless boardrooms, classrooms, and seminars where he has played the role of teacher, board member, author, scholar, dean, and fellow.  Now, as Union Institute & University’s fifth president, Dr. Sublett finds fresh inspiration each day in paving the way for “mature, self-motivated, socially conscious adults” to succeed in what he calls “the kind of university where we recognize the creative genius of one another and celebrate the best of the human spirit.”

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