Exceptional Student Education

Assist Children with Special Needs

Union Institute & University’s Exceptional Student Education major readies you to educate children with special learning needs and/or disabilities as a special education teacher (K-12). With an excellent foundation to teach and serve children and their families in diverse and inclusive environments, we make earning your online degree in special education an attainable goal.
Union has tailored our Exceptional Student Education program for individuals seeking to teach in the state of Florida. While students residing in other states may enroll, we cannot guarantee that the program will result in eligibility for teacher licensure in states other than Florida. Please contact our Admissions Team to find out if our program will meet your state’s regulations. While the program is not currently structured to grant certification, it provides a vibrant and thorough educational foundation for students who wish to apply for certification in their state.

Careers of our Exceptional Student Education Graduates

Union’s Exceptional Student Education graduates specialize in a variety of educational careers with the skills they learn at Union. With Union’s degree, you’ll be ready to address assist children with special needs, and employers will be looking for people like you who understand the care and attention needed for exceptional students.

Behavioral Disorders

special education teacher

Functional Mental

Disability Teacher



Specific Learning

disability teacher

Skills & Benefits

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Applied & Academic Skills
  • Identify relevant skills needed to help all children learn to their fullest potential.
  • Adapt teaching to a wide range of diverse students.
  • Create positive learning environments.

Exceptional Student Education Structure & Courses

•  120 Credit Hours Program (minimum)
•  Full-time & part-time options
• Classes start every 8 weeks!
• Up to 90 semester hours in transfer credits

Professional Preparation
Major & Core Courses
Graduation Capstone

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