Creativity Studies

Expand Your Understanding of Human Creativity

Every improvement in human life is the result of someone’s creativity. It is a vital human resource that exists in all populations, ethnicities, and cultures. Through the Master of Arts major in Creativity Studies distance learning program at Union Institute & University, one of the few graduate programs in creativity studies, you will explore major theories of the source, nature, and development of creativity from ancient Greece to the present.

Founded on Interdisciplinary Learning

Union’s Creativity Studies builds on the fields of philosophy, psychology, education, the arts, and religion. Using various quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and modes of inquiry, you will be able to discover what creativity is, how it occurs, and how we can increase our own creativity. Just as creativity is not only limited to the arts, Union’s Creativity Studies is valuable in a variety of fields including business, education, cultural studies, and the sciences.

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Our students are people with academic or work experience in a related field, those who have an interest in pursuing a master’s degree, who want to build a foundation for doctoral research, or are looking to complement their MFA. Our students also choose Union for career change or advancement and to fulfill their dream in the joy of learning.

Fields of Study Examples from our Students

  • Cultural context of creativity
  • Gender and creativity
  • How creativity develops over a life span
  • Interplay between religion or spirituality and creativity
  • Macro-creativity – how a culture creates
  • Creativity as a means of forming and maintaining community
  • Relationship between madness and creativity
  • Role of luck or chance in the creative process
  • Bringing creativity into the classroom
  • Therapeutic effects of creativity
  • Everyday creativity & it’s attraction
  • Popular misconceptions of creativity

Creativity Studies Structure & Courses

•  Minimum 36 credit hour program
•  Full-time & part-time options
• January, May, and August start dates
• Complete your degree in as little as 24 months.

Major & Core Courses
Advanced Courses
Graduation Capstone

Hear what our

students are saying

This program has exposed me to the huge, wide, field of research that exists on creativity and it’s also exposed areas where research may be lacking. What I do not know is amazing. But what I DO know is also pretty damn amazing. It is my plan to use my experiences in this program to inform the facilitation/education work that I do. I very much want to develop a theory of cooperative creativity that I can use to enhance the creative experiences of those with whom I interact.

Natalie Daise2014 Graduate