Forensic Science Management – Undergraduate Certificate

Manage your forensic team

Union’s Certificate in Forensic Science Management is designed to give an increased understanding of ethically supervising and managing forensic personnel while studying emerging issues impacting the industry. The undergraduate certificate program is designed for the professional working in the forensic field. The Forensic Science Management certificate program is a response to recommendations by the International Association of Identification and the scientific advances and emerging technologies that have revolutionized the forensics field.

Skills & Benefits for our Certificate Graduates

  • Summarize and interpret how current issues in the field of forensic science impact organizations, personnel and other stakeholders.
  • Analyze and critique criminal justice policy, specifically forensic science and service delivery from a management point of view.
  • Compare and contrast the scientific methods used by forensic science professionals and their impact on the criminal justice system.
  • Evaluate the impact of forensic science on the development of policing, public safety, and the community.

Certificate Structure & Details

•  12 credit hour certificate
•  3 Completely Online Courses
• January, May, and August start dates
• Complete your certificate fast with 8 week courses

Certificate Curriculum

  • FOR 310 Forensic Science Management (4 cr.)
  • FOR 315 Forensic Science and Criminology (4 cr.)
  • FOR 320 Emerging Trends in Forensic Science (4 cr.)


Tuition is assessed per course at $530/credit hour. The certificate requires three 4-credit hour courses for a total of $6,360.
Please note that this certificate program is not eligible for Federal Student Financial Aid.

Criminal Justice Management Students

The Forensic Science Management Certificate can be a stand-alone certificate, or embedded into the Criminal Justice Management major.
*Students who successfully complete FOR 310 may use it as a substitute for the Criminal Justice Management major core class, CJM 307: CJ Management and Administration with permission of the CJM Program Chair or Assistant Chair. No other core courses will be substituted or waived to earn the CJM major in the B.S. degree program.


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