Carol Barrett

By April 19, 2016

Dr. Carol Barrett

Humanities & Culture Faculty

Dr. Carol Barrett is a professor in Union Institute & University’s Ph.D. program. She is primarily affiliated with the humanities, and teaches research methods and writing courses. She is an interdisciplinary scholar and educator and has published two volumes of poetry, including the prize-winning collection Calling in the Bones from Ashland Poetry Press. Her current research interest is the healing potential of poetry; she also writes creative nonfiction.

Dr. Barrett has taught students at all levels from kindergarten through doctoral studies. Her primary faculty appointments have been at Wichita State University in Kansas, where she also performed with the Mid-America Dance Company, Union Institute & University (since 1980), and Saybrook University in California.

She has been honored with a college-wide teaching award, and has supported students through administrative as well as mentoring roles, most recently as Associate Dean of the Pre-Cohort Ph.D. program. Her publications appear in journals in the fields of literature, psychology, gerontology, thanatology, women’s studies, medicine, religious studies, education, and art therapy. Dr. Barrett has wide experience translating scholarship for public constituencies and offering literary readings. She has received awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Mental Health, as well as a state arts agency grant and university research grants.

Dr. Barrett earned two master’s degrees from the University of Southern California, one in clinical psychology, and one in physical education with a major in dance. She holds two Ph.D. degrees – the first in Clinical Psychology with minors in Social Psychology and Aging from the University of Southern California and the second in Creative Writing with a minor in Religious Studies from Union Institute & University.