Judith McDaniel

By October 11, 2016

Dr. Judith McDaniel

Master of Arts – Creativity Studies/Literature & Writing Majors Faculty

Judith McDaniel, PhD, JD, has taught for many years, in universities and in prisons, in communities in this country and abroad. She has taught graduate students, beginning university students, and community members who were learning because they were engaged in projects vital to their own well-being. She has helped students shape academic programs that met their own needs and interests while maintaining academic rigor. She has advised students who are returning to formal education after working professionally for years and enjoys working with a diverse group of students.

Her interests have taken her in many directions since she first received a doctorate in literature from Tufts University, but while the subject of her courses and academic interests have changed, she has always been an educator and a writer. Dr. McDaniel has written and published three novels, three books of poetry, a book of nonfiction and placed dozens of articles, stories, and poems in anthologies and journals.

Dr. McDaniel’s experience in interdisciplinary studies is wide and deep—moving from literature and creative writing to religious studies to ethics and health care, women’s and gender studies and, most recently, with a J.D. degree, to law and policy development.