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At Union Institute & University, we are committed to providing the best value for an online university. We know paying for your education is an investment in the future you. That’s why we are serious about our pledge to making higher education affordable and accessible. With accelerated degree completion options and a liberal transfer policy, Union is your doorway to achieving your dreams.

Bachelor of Arts

$530 / credit hour

Technology Fee :
$44 part time or $88 full time

Certified Learning Assessment:
$65 / credit hour

Bachelor of Science

$530 / credit hour

Technology Fee :
$44 / part time or $88 full time

Certified Learning Assessment:
$65 / credit hour

Master of Arts

$748 / credit hour

Technology Fee :
$88 / term

M.A. In Clinical Mental Health Counseling

$810 / credit hour

Technology Fee:
$88/ term

LiveText Fee:
$158 (plus tax)

M.S. Healthcare Leadership

$545 / credit hour

Technology Fee :
$88 / term

Live Text Fee:
$158 (plus tax)

M.S. in Organizational Leadership

$545 / credit hour

Technology Fee :
$88 / term

Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Studies

$1,154 / credit hour

Technology Fee :
$66 part time or $132 full time

Residency Deposit:
$250 non-refundable

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership*

$989 / credit hour

Technology Fee :
$132 / term

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology*

$897 / credit hour

Technology Fee :
$88/ term

Clinical Internship Fee:
$675 part time or $1,350 full time

Professional Studies Certificates

Undergraduate Tuition:
$530 / credit hour

Graduate Tuition:
$460 / credit hour

Technology Fee:
$88 / term

Available Scholarships & Grants

Undergraduate Scholarships
Graduate Scholarships
Graduate Fellowships
External Scholarships

Eugene P. Ruehlmann Public Service Fellowship

The purpose of the fellowship is to support students during the research and writing phase of their dissertations. Eligible students must have an approved dissertation that promotes the spirit of patience and cooperation in community building exemplified by Eugene Ruehlmann’s lifetime of public service. It is a two-year award for advanced students in Union Institute & University’s Ph.D. program.

Karin Blair Fund

Doctoral students who live outside of the United States and are required to attend residencies at Union Institute & University academic centers in the United States may be eligible for travel expense reimbursement through Union’s Karin Blair Fund.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Exclusive scholarship opportunity for members of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. It is available for any Union Institute & University undergraduate degree program.

Salmon Foundation Scholarship

Union Institute & University has received a generous grant from the Salmon Foundation to assist students with scholarships for the 2016-2017academic year. The Salmon Foundation has long recognized adult education as a critical priority in today’s society and has supported the undergraduate programs for 19 years.

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Scholarship

This is an excellent opportunity for residents of Florida to continue their education and positively impact one's professional development, but also the impact one has on children and families.

The Aaron and Roslyn Wallace Scholarship Fund

This scholarship, established in honor of two doctoral alumni, is open to UI&U masters or doctoral students in good standing. The recipient’s area of academic focus must be in health and/or wellness.

The Agnes Rettig Scholarship Fund

The recipient must demonstrate financial need and be within the final two terms of completing all of his or her academic requirements for graduation. The recipient must demonstrate personal initiative and creative drive as reflected in his or her academic progress.

The Bates Fund for Social Activists

The recipient must be over 30 years of age, committed to life as a change agent, and have a history and track record of effectively working toward social change. The recipient’s academic work must add to the body of knowledge about social change, document the history of a particular social movement, or advance a social change goal.

The Christine R. Day Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is available to applicants enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Studies PhD program within the Ethical and Creative Leadership concentration who demonstrate an interest in ethics.

The Fontaine Maury Belford Scholarship Fund

The recipient must demonstrate innovative and/or groundbreaking work in his or her chosen field of study; application of the interdisciplinary principles; an appreciation of high academic quality; and an understanding of how his or her academic work will help the student take better charge of his or her life.

The Robert T. Conley Scholarship Fund

The recipient must be pursuing a Doctor of Education in educational leadership, having demonstrated exceptional leadership capabilities in the field of higher education leadership, either in a college/university setting or local, regional, national, or international higher education area.

TLC Emergency Grant

Union Institute & University is proud to be a recipient of a generous grant from Great Lakes Community Investments. The TLC Emergency Grant funds will assist eligible students faced with an unexpected financial emergency. Eligible students are able to apply one time for assistance (max. grant - $1000).

Virginia Ruehlmann Women in Union Fellowship

This annual fellowship is open to full-time female students in good standing who are enrolled in any Union doctoral or master’s program. The scholarship committee will announce the annual application availability, submission deadline, and eligibility criteria. This committee also determines the awards. Initial funding is provided by the Helen Steiner Rice Foundation.

Women In Union Scholarship

Union Institute & University’s Women in Union scholarship program supports women earning a college degree. Recipients are women in need, with children, residing in the Greater Cincinnati Area who are urgently in need of financial assistance to continue and complete their education. To apply for the Women in Union scholarship, email




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