Graduation Spotlight: Linda S. Hon, Ed.D.

To celebrate Union Institute & University’s National Commencement, we are highlighting a few of the recent graduates. Each participant was asked to write a response, in their own words, to the question “How has your Union experience changed your life?”

Linda S. Hon
Ed.D with a specialization in
Educational Leadership, 2013
Twinsburg, Ohio

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams -Eleanor Roosevelt

It was this thought that encouraged me to fulfill my dream of earning my doctorate in education, becoming a college professor, and teaching pre-service teachers. So, as I neared the end of my elementary school teaching career, I began to look for a doctoral program and found Union Institute and University. I am so glad I did.

From the beginning of my first July residency at Union, there was an impression of warmth and caring, along with the perception of tough challenges ahead. Both were true, and the warmth and caring of the professors and cohort members carried me through the challenging coursework.  Union exemplifies what university education should be—theoretical and practical applications, cooperative and independent learning, varied assessments, professors imparting their vast knowledge, who are available for assistance at all times, and who also have become friends and mentors, and cohort members who have been so supportive and intellectually stimulating. This experience has given me insights and direction for my future career as a college professor.

As I pursue the next part of my dream, university teaching, I am so grateful for what I have learned and experienced, and the new colleagues and friends in my life. Wayne Gretzky, a famous hockey player, said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  I took a “shot” on Union Institute and University, on my education, on my future, and I won.

Dr. Linda S. Hon received her bachelor’s degree in education from Ohio State University and her master’s in education from Kent State University. The Ohio native taught for 35 years in the Twinsburg City School District.

Dr. Hon recently achieved her dream of earning a doctoral degree. Her future plans include teaching at the college level and instructing pre-service teachers. She is married and is the proud parent of one daughter.

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