Maceo Wattley

Maceo Wattley Ph.D.

MBA Faculty

Maceo was born in Atlanta where he received his BS in Computer Systems from Mercer University. He has earned his Master’s & Doctorate degrees, in addition to completing the Harvard Business School Leadership Principles Program.

Maceo works full-time for an Israeli Cyber Security company in the Technical Services Department, focusing on Cyber & Network Security policy management to align security with business processes. Maceo is certified to give expert onsite technical assistance on micro-segmentation, ransomware, and cloud security. Maceo educates C-Level executives around the world, including Israel, Singapore, Spain, India, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Germany, Malaysia & the U.S. to serve customers using ASMS for our Fortune 100 clients with boots on the ground.
Areas of expertise include network penetration testing, ethical hacking, vulnerability scanning, threat mitigation, incident response, SNMP management, risk assessment/management, cryptography, data recovery, network and security management, system administration, system accreditation, access control, user training, system imaging, Active Directory, and IT Project management.

Maceo’s knowledge of Information Security requirements exceeds that of even the most elite candidates. Industry-standard certifications exemplify Maceo’s commitment to proficiency, relevance and progressive development in the computer information technology industry as a model Information Technology professional suitable for the requirements of any outfit.

Happily married for over 25 years with six children, 4 boys, and 2 girls.