Mother and Son Graduate Together

Mother and son June and Blake Martinez graduated together at National Commencement on Saturday, October 6, 2018, each with a Doctor of Psychology with a major in Clinical Psychology. Both practice together at Harbor Psychological Associates.

June, a psychologist of 13 years, stated that her “children’s interest in their education seemed to increase as I pursued mine. The excitement of learning is definitely catchy.”

Blake remembers supportive and open conversations growing up. “We could talk about our feelings without the fear of being shut down. I have always been interested in relationship dynamics, even as a child much of my play was rehearsing complex social dynamics. I worked in a psychiatric hospital and considered medical school, but I wanted to spend more time with clients to facilitate growth and help people unburden themselves.”

June, who has two master’s degrees, chose to attend Union to expand her learning. “For me, going back for my doctorate was more about gaining greater knowledge in my field that could impact the quality of my work. The professors were amazing and the experience of an intimate learning environment coupled with amazing literature was beyond my expectations. I appreciated the social justice and diversity underpinnings.”

June recommended Union to Blake. “What my mother described to me about Union sounded like what I wanted. The rich context and small group discussions were right for me. My professors felt like mentors rather than teachers.”

What’s next? “I am thrilled that Blake joined me at Union and that he has joined me in practice. I have another son who will join us soon. Life is good.”

Blake is glad to be in this profession. “I think my degree will open doors for me, and my day to day job is consistent with my deeper values and who I want to be in this world.”

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