Webinar: Continuing to a Master’s Degree

master’s degree

Considering the next step in your educational journey? This webinar is designed for currently enrolled Union Institute & University undergraduate students to learn about continuing to a master’s degree. To RSVP e-mail Dr. Jay Keehn, Associate Dean Student Success.

Study Skills & Time Management at the Graduate Level
May 20, 2015 | 8:30pm EST
Presenter: Dr. Jay Keehn, Associate Dean Student Success

Are you interested in furthering your education by pursuing a master’s degree? Are you concerned that the jump to the next level will be too much to handle? This webinar will help identify the differences in study skills and time management needs on the graduate level versus what an individual may be accustomed to on the undergraduate level. Along with identifying the differences, this webinar will provide study skills and time management strategies to help you prepare for the challenge of graduate school. There will also be an emphasis on understanding your personal learning style and how that is critical on a graduate level, as well as developing as the independent learner as required on the graduate level.

Dr. Jay Keehn is Associate Dean of Student Success. He holds a Masters in School Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Counseling. He has been with Union since 2005, first as faculty, then as Director of the M.Ed. program, and now in his current role. Jay oversees all student support services for the university, which includes writing and academic tutoring services, career services, disability services, and counseling. His current research focuses on using social media technology to build virtual communities to enhance student services.