Master's Programs

Online Master's, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Healthcare Leadership & Organizational Leadership


Master's Programs

Online Master's, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Healthcare Leadership & Organizational Leadership

Empower Your Educational Goals

Advance your career with a master’s degree that’s right for you. Union Institute & University’s dynamic master’s programs are designed to meet your unique learning style and personal schedule. Discover a practical and socially relevant course of study that will empower you to make meaningful, positive change in your life and community.

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Each of our master’s programs within the graduate college are designed to fit your lifestyle no matter where you call home. Union’s flexibility gives you the opportunity to make the greatest meaningful change in your life: your education.

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  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Creativity Studies
  • Health & Wellness
  • Healthcare Leadership
  • History & Culture
  • Leadership, Public Policy & Social Issues
  • Literature & Writing
  • Organizational Leadership

Built Around our Student’s Curiosity

The online Master of Arts program emphasizes the connections between scholarship and real-world application, and is built around your own questions and interests. Our students have done underwater archaeology, worked in Washington D.C., written short stories, discovered primary sources in archives, and planned syllabi for college courses, and many other kinds of experiential learning — all for credit. Our faculty encourages this interplay between education and experience, theory and practice, and helps you reflect on the lessons you learn by looking at a question from many vantage points.

Meet our Masters Faculty

MSOL Faculty
MA Faculty
M.S. Healthcare Leadership
  • Alison Hazelbaker
  • Anuradha Mitra
  • Elden Golden
  • Ian Norris
  • Jennifer M. Ossege
  • Jennifer Raymond
  • Joseph E. Nolan
  • Kirk Davis
  • Lisa Akers
  • Loree Miltich
  • Mary Edson
  • Michael E. Bishop
  • Sarah Bergh
  • Steven Guerriero
  • Woden Teachout

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students are saying

I feel very supported by my professors and fellow learners...In many ways, my experience at Union is the polar opposite of my last graduate experience; back then, it was difficult for the graduate students to connect with professors, and the environment was extremely competitive. I much prefer the cooperative learning experience I'm getting at Union.

This program is the best thing to happen to my professional career. I would even go as far as saying that it's one of the best things that has happened in my life.

My undergrad experience was so different. To me it was a check list, take the class, get the grade, keep going until I get the degree then a pay check. This time it's so different. I'm getting an education, I'm learning and it's transforming my life.

Coming into a Master’s program after being out of school for several years was a little intimating. Add in the online learning environment, which I had never done before, and I was more than a little worried. After completing my first term, I feel much more comfortable continuing on in my studies and that I have a solid foundation for my Master’s work.