How to Register

Online Registration is open for the remainder of the 2020-2021 academic year and for the entire 2021-2022 academic year. Once you have discussed your upcoming course schedule with your student success coach or primary advisor, you can use the Online Registration Instructions to register online.

Undergraduate Students

  1. It starts with your Progression Plan. Program chairs from each undergraduate major have outlined the requirements you will need to graduate, based on your degree audit.
  2. Before you register you will meet with your Student Success Coach and discuss your course selections for each term.
  3. Select your courses for each term, based on the academic plan outlined by you and your Student Success Coach. Officially approved transfer credit and advanced placement credits will be included in each term’s academic plan.
  4. Register online for multiple terms at one time, based on the academic plan you’ve agreed upon with your Student Success Coach.

Graduate Students

  1. It starts with your Degree Audit. In the online registration portal, you will review your Degree Audit and then select classes based on what still needs to completed.
  2. Determine the required classes you still need to take. The remaining classes you need will be shown for adding to the registration schedule in a specific year/term, selected based on the Degree Audit. 
  3. Submit your class selections by email to your primary advisor for review and approval.
  4. Register online for multiple terms at one time, based on the courses you and your advisor have agreed upon.


Contact your primary advisor if you have questions about your Degree Audit and course requirements. If you have questions about Online Registration, contact Lew Rita Moore, Registrar, at or Melissa Rankin, Registration and Academic Records Data Coordinator, at