How to Register

for courses on CampusWeb

Step 1: Login to CampusWeb
  • Click on the Academics Tab
  • Select Web Registration
  • Click the ‘Here to begin’ box on the right
  • Select the Personal Information Update Form
  • Complete & click submit
  • Next, select the Registration Agreement Form
  • Click yes to accept, then click submit
Step 2: Click on Add/Drop Courses
  • Select the Term 2016 Spring/Summer
  • Select the division Undergraduate
  • Select the Course Search tab on the middle left of the page
  • Click on search to find your courses
  • Check each course you would like to add
  • Double check your selection
  • Click the add courses button

Helpful Registration Tips

Dropping & Adding Courses

If you need to drop and add, drop the course first and then add another course selection.

Dropping a course after it has been approved

If you wish to drop a course after it has been approved, please notify your advisor first. Click in the box next to the approved course, under the “drop” column, next click on “Drop Selected Course” below the approved courses. Then click on send an approval request, select advisor, and click send email.

Dropping a reserved/pending course before advisor approval

If you wish to drop a reserved/pending course before advisor approval, click in the box next to the pending course, and click on “cancel selected request” beneath the pending course.

New General Education I credit reading options

New General Education 1 credit reading options are available as a co-requisite for some of the new 3 credit hour General Education Classes. However, students who wish to register for a 1 credit reading co-requisite must: First, be registered for the matching 3 credit hour General Education section. Second, contact your Program Advisor to have the 1 credit option added to your registration schedule.

Courses with two sessions

A two digit section code (i.e. 11) identifies if the course is in the first 8 week session or the second 8 week session. Session 1 course sections always begin with a “1,” like 11, 12, 13, etc. Session 2 course sections always begin with a “2,” like 21, 22, 23, etc. Register for both 8 week sessions before you submit your course selections for advisor approval. Variable credit courses will provide a text box and requires the selection of the correct credit hours, then click on the Add Button. Refer to the CampusWeb academics tab for additional instructions and information.

Courses with meeting times

On-ground course sections with the final course code of “S, M, L, or C” will have the specific meeting day/times listed. Course/sections that are completely online (without face to face meetings) are now coded with all seven days of the week and 12:00am-12:00am for the times, indicating that the course/sections are always available. This applies to course/sections that end with a code of “A” or “T” on the schedule.