Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies Humanities & Culture

Our Ph.D. with a concentration in Humanities & Culture allows you to study the human condition, explore creative ways to advance social justice and acknowledge differences among individuals and social groups. Our Humanities & Culture program draws on a variety of humanities fields – social and political philosophy, history, religious studies, literature, and aesthetics – that relate to social justice and cultural differences.



66 Total credits
$1154 Cost Per Credit Hour
Jul 1 Next Start Date

Discover three interrelated modes of inquiry


Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Examine tensions and relationships between disciplines to critique and redefine existing knowledge, meanings and relationships among facts, theories and methods.

critical inquiry


Engage in ongoing intellectual dialogues with texts and artifacts, as well as fellow students, instructors and the public. Become a scholar-practitioner and make your voice heard.

creative inquiry


Learn to see things in a whole new way. Examine and reorganize existing meanings and constructions of knowledge to reveal new, unconventional meanings and constructions.

  • HMS 710 - Building the Canon: Historical Survey
  • ACS 700 - Critical Writing and Thinking I: Explorations
  • ACS 705 - Critical Writing and Thinking II: Analysis and Synthesis as Inquiry
  • HMS 720 - Critiquing the Canon: The Idea of Progress
  • EDST 720 - Curriculum and Social Justice
  • EDST 710 - Education, Society, and Culture
  • FNDS 703 - Engaging Difference
  • ECL 720 - Ethical and Creative Leadership in Group Dynamics, Organizations, and Society
  • FNDS 701 - Ethics and Social Justice
  • ECL 710 - Foundations of Ethical and Creative Leadership
  • PPS 733 - Policy Analysis
  • PPS 711 - Policy Processes and Social Change
  • RMTH 710 - Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methodologies
  • RMTH 783 - Research Methods I: Research Design and Methods
  • RMTH 709 - Research Methods II: Inquiry in the Humanities
  • RMTH 787 - Research Methods III: Designing Interdisciplinary Research
  • FNDS 702 - The Creative Process

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