Humanities & Culture

Explore Ways to Advance Social Justice

As part of the Ph.D. with a major in Humanities & Culture at Union Institute & University, you will study the human condition and explore creative ways to advance social justice and acknowledge differences in individuals and social groups. Our Humanities & Culture program draws on a variety of humanities fields – social and political philosophy, history, religious studies, literature, and aesthetics – that relate to social justice and cultural differences.

Discover three interrelated modes of inquiry

Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Examine tensions and relationships between disciplines to critique and redefine existing knowledge, meanings, and relationships among facts, theories, and methods.

Critical Inquiry

Engage in ongoing intellectual dialogues with texts and artifacts, as well as fellow students, instructors, and the public. Become a scholar-practitioner and make your voice heard.

Creative Inquiry

Manipulate existing meanings and constructions of knowledge so new, unconventional meanings and constructions can be represented.


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