Bachelor of Science Business Management

Union Institute & University’s Bachelor of Science with a major in Business Management prepares you to lead through management positions in a competitive global economy. Our online degree program emphasizes contemporary business issues while giving you the business sense and critical skills you need to manage an organization. Are you ready for the rewarding challenges of today’s global and competitive market? At Union, we will show you how to become a flexible and resilient business leader of tomorrow.

120 Total credits
$545 Cost Per Credit Hour
Oct 25 Next Start Date

Program Options Available

Students who choose the Business Management major may complete a generalized program or elect one of the following four concentrations within the major:


Applied Technology & Business Leadership (ATBL)

For students with technical expertise through a career or technical training program, this concentration helps develop business management and leadership skills to complement their technological knowledge. To pursue this concentration, students must be able to transfer a minimum of 16 previously earned credits in a technical field. Areas of focus may include construction management, manufacturing, industrial management, technology management or other applied areas of technology.

Health Care Administration

Health Care Administration (HCA)

This concentration is designed for students with technical education and experience in health care. Emphasis is placed on the development of business management and leadership skills that can be applied in health care settings. Transfer students may apply 16 credits from allied health care courses to complete this concentration. Areas of focus may include fields such as occupational therapy, health information management, medical assistant technology, rehabilitation services or nursing.

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Human Resources Management (HRM)

People management is a key function in all types of organizations – including businesses, public agencies, nonprofits and more. Recruitment, retention, training and development, the legal aspects of human resource management and performance management are explored in this concentration. The three required classes for this concentration are: HRM 316 – Employee Selection and Staffing, HRM 323 – Human Resource Management and HRM 340 – Diversity in the Workplace.

Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership (LDR)

Self-understanding is at the heart of good leadership, the building of relationships and the effectiveness of teams. The focus of this concentration is leading oneself, leading others, and leadership for the common good. Developing the skills needed to lead across a wide variety of situations and organizational structures is emphasized. Students who select the Organizational Leadership concentration will complete three (3) LDR elective courses as part of their studies.

  • 120 credit hour program (minimum)
  • Full & part-time options
  • Classes start every eight weeks
  • Transfer up to 90 credit hours
  • MGT 350 - Management of Financial Resources
  • MGT 343 - Operations Management
  • MGT 420 - Theory and Practice of Leadership
  • MGT 425 - Organizational Behavior and Culture
  • MGT 450 - Strategic Management and Business Policy
  • MGT 321 Principles of Management
  • MGT 344 Project Management
  • MGT 434 Problem Solving in Organizations
  • BUS 101 Introduction to Business
  • BUS 232 Business Law
  • HRM 316 Employee Selection & Staffing
  • HRM 323 Human Resource Management
  • HRM 340 Diversity in the Workplace
  • LDR 115 Leadership and Spiritualty
  • LDR 330 Leadership and Community
  • LDR 335 Leadership Development
  • LDR 340 Nonprofit Leadership
  • LDR 345 Leadership: An Arts and Humanities Perspective
  • LDR 402 Leadership and Ethics
  • LDR 404 Leadership and Change
  • LDR 410 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • LDR 420 Strategic Planning for Leaders in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
  • LDR 430 Leadership: Global and Diverse Perspectives
  • MIS 330 e-Commerce Business Planning
  • MKT 321 Principles of Marketing
  • MKT 426 Global Marketing
  • ACC 235 Financial Accounting
  • ACC 236 Managerial Accounting


Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast management and leadership theories, concepts, and practices in nonprofit, for-profit, and government sectors.
  • Analyze the impact that change has on organizational development, organizational culture, and employee behavior in cross-cultural and global environments.
  • Evaluate financial management concepts and practices in nonprofit, for-profit, and government sectors.
  • Evaluate how strategic planning affects an organization’s socially responsible and sustainability initiatives.
  • Analyze the interactions among diversity, social responsibility, and sustainability in ethical decision-making.

What Makes Our Program Unique?

“Union’s Business Management program is tailored to adults who have experience in the workplace. We use an adult learning approach that brings management theory and best practice together with the rich experience of our students. This adult model of teaching and learning accelerates the learning process because what is learned can be immediately applied to their personal and professional lives. Besides being a fun way to deepening business and management skills, Union’s approach also addresses key aspects of leadership and its role in social justice.”

Program Chair

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