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California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation Credit Transfer Guide for Union Institute & University

 C-Post Credit for Training Credits for Transfer Application to Degree Plan*
Basic Correctional Academy and One Year of Employment 32  
Principles and Procedures of the Justice System 4 LL SS; AC; EL
Concepts of Criminal Law and Evidence 4 LL SS; AC; EL
Written Communication in Criminal Justice 4 LL AC; EL
Introduction to Behavior, Interviewing, and Counseling 4 LL SS; AC; EL
Principles of Correctional Operations and Problem Analysis 4 LL AC; EL
Internship 12 LL AC; EL

**Degree Plan Application Codes: SS—Social Sciences; AC—Area of Concentration/Major in related field; EL—Free Electives Only

CDCR correctional officers are eligible for the 32 units of credit if they successfully completed their basic correctional academy and have been employed for one full year from date of hire.

The award of 32 units will be granted to CDCR correctional officers once the University receives a verification letter from their supervisor. The verification letter shall:

  • Be typed on CDCR official letterhead
  • Be written by a supervisor above the rank of the student
  • Verify that the employee has successfully completed the CDCR basic correctional academy including date of completion
  • Verify that the employee has been employed for one full year and include date of hire
  • Admission personnel, program advisors, or enrollment counselors will provide the attached sample letter to CDCR correctional officers

This policy only pertains to correctional officers or other ranks who have full peace officer powers and are employed by the California Department of Corrections. Correctional officers are still eligible for certified learning for training after they complete their basic correctional academy. That policy and procedure is not impacted by this policy. Additionally, this policy is only applicable to a degree-seeking student.

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