General Education

General education at Union Institute & University is different with a purpose.  Most colleges have an assortment of “Introduction to….” courses for their general education curriculum - not Union.  Our general education courses are topic-based, and they have a direct link to our popular majors.  These topics make for a seamless transition from the breadth of general education to the depth of your major.  

General education provides the building blocks for a life of professional, personal, and community engagement. These courses are the foundation of a bachelor's degree, and aim to introduce students to the world of critical thinking, written expression, broad philosophical topics, scientific method, quantitative reasoning, a grounded knowledge of both worldwide and regional social concerns, problem-solving techniques, and creative inquiry in the written and visual arts.

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Union students are encouraged to select general education courses that interest them within each of our focuses outlined below. Undergraduate students must earn at least 36 credits in general education courses/credits within their degree program.

General Education Specialization in Data Science

If you enjoy statistics or are interested in computer programming, consider getting a specialization in data science. It's a growing field that utilizes both skills to communicate solutions to problems from various industries.

Data Scientists collect, synthesize, and analyze big data to drive scientific discovery and business opportunities. They are skilled at mining data to improve performance and leveraging advanced knowledge in statistics, machine learning, and data visualization to meet the demands of modern business and science.

This STEM offering prepares you to function within the field of data as it intersects careers and various agencies in life. You will be able to choose a pathway within the broad general education paradigm to create marketable skills in data science. This specialization is available to students in any undergraduate degree program.

Earn this General Education Specialization in Data Science by completing the following three courses from the Quantitative Reasoning domain (9 hrs required):

Tom Frederick

“General Education at Union Institute & University is different. In order to meet the needs of an adult student population, general education courses are topic-focused. Topics match majors and the life experiences of the student body. Different is good.”

Dr. Thomas Frederick
General Education Chair

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