progressive firefighters association and union institute

Progresive Fighterfighter's Association Credit Transfer Guide for Union Institute & University

Florida Firefighters AcademyCredits for TransferApplication to Degree Plan*
Firefighters Academy22 
Organizational Operations and Management2 UL AC; EL
Fire Science and Technology9 LLAC; EL
Emergency Care and Safety2 LL AC; EL
Fire Fighting and Rescue Practices7 LL AC; EL
Natural Sciences2 LL NS

*Degree Plan Application Codes: NS—Natural Sciences; AC—Area of Concentration/Major in related field; EL—Electives

Progressive Firefighter's Association members are eligible for the 22 units of credit if they successfully completed Firefighter I Certification.

The award of 22 units will be granted once Union Institute & University (UI&U) receives an official certificate of completion of training.

Other certificates and documented training will be evaluated on an individual bases and awarded appropriate credits based on the results of the evaluation. Union Institute & University accepts credits in transfer from regionally accredited colleges and universities and reserves the right to apply, or not to apply, acceptable transfer credit toward degree requirements. Please see UI&U University Catalog for complete details.

Class Format: 100% Online Coursework to fit ANY schedule

Class Start Dates: Undergraduate classes start every 8 weeks

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