Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies

Union Institute & University’s doctoral program plays a distinctive role in American higher education. Grounded in humanistic inquiry, the majors within the Ph.D. incorporate developing interdisciplinary fields of study in ways that advance your understanding of ethics, the creative process, and the possibilities of institutional and social change.

Union offers a rich academic environment, where you can interact with faculty and fellow students during flexible class times. The Ph.D. degree program utilizes a distributed learning model, which includes the integration of face-to-face and online courses, and monthly meetings with faculty, colleagues, and other professionals.

Each major program is rooted in the university’s fundamental commitment to provide interdisciplinary, socially relevant studies in a model that calls for you as a student to critically consider your studies within and beyond the classroom and then act upon that knowledge in the greater community.

Through an emphasis on social justice and the integration of theory and practice, students become agents of positive intellectual and social change. This exploration of the creative process provides you with a foundation for generating new ideas and solutions to the problems you will encounter throughout your professional and civic lives.

Meet Our Ph.D. Faculty

Academic Residencies

Union Institute & University’s doctoral program begins each six month term with an academic residency. The residency takes place over seven days in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Our residencies are focused around four core principles:

The beginning of a required sequence of seminars start in residency in Cincinnati, Ohio and are completed at a distance through online learning activities, e-mail, and telephone conversation. During the residency, conference day occurs where students and faculty present their scholarship and promote discourse around intellectual, professional, and social issues.

Engagement with the program themes
Presentations by leading scholars and creative activities that include principle stances toward social justice, engaging difference, and creativity unite theory and practice.

Community Building
New cohort orientation, evening faculty conversations, one-to-one meetings between faculty and students.

Scholar in Residence
At each residency, a noted scholar is invited to conduct a keynote lecture related to the university’s mission of social relevance.