Mission & Values

Union Institute & University educates highly motivated adults who seek academic programs to engage, enlighten and empower them to pursue professional goals and a lifetime of learning, service and social responsibility.

Academic Excellence

Union Institute & University is committed to academic excellence and ensures institutional quality through continuous assessment and review of programs, processes, policies, and outcomes.

Creative & Critical Thinking

Union Institute & University supports different modes of disciplinary and interdisciplinary inquiry that examine underlying assumptions, explore issues from multiple perspectives, and develop new ways of thinking.

Theory & Practice

Union Institute & University provides an educational experience whereby scholarship and theory are connected and applied to real-world action and practice.

Social Justice

Union Institute & University recognizes that with knowledge comes the responsibility to serve in advancing a culturally pluralistic, equitable, and interdependent world.


Union Institute & University is committed to promoting diversity among its academic community and in the world at large.


Union Institute & University is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards of performance and conducts its affairs with transparency, integrity, and respect.