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Integrative learning is learning that is beyond interdisciplinary studies, as it embraces overarching contexts that form a web of interconnection. At TIES, professors connect content to all aspects of learning: personal and intellectual, cognitive and spiritual.



36 Total credits
$660 Cost Per Credit Hour
Jan 1 Next Start Date


The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES) and Union Institute and University are proud to now offer the M.Ed. with a concentration in Montessori Integrative Learning. Since 1996, TIES has created robust online learning communities for passionate adult learners. With over 400 graduates from 41 countries and six continents, TIES is a global campus, education without borders.

  • 36-hour program
  • Full-time only
  • January and July start dates
  • Complete your degree in as little as 18 months

TIES Premise

TIES premise is that humanity has the possibility of reclaiming a sustainable relationship with the Earth. One of the processes of communication that makes this possible is dialogue. In this case, we refer to a variation on a particular form of dialogue described by physicist David Bohm. Bohm's constant thread that particularly relates to our class discussion is that we are investigating the possibilities for the emergence of shared meaning; increasing awareness of our own and others' assumptions; cultivating sensitivity and willingness to "listen,"; the creation of space between our reaction and our response; and a desire to experiment with the principles described.

The Master of Education with a major in Montessori Integrative Learning program is an 18-month course of study. The Cohort begins in January, away from the busy start of the school calendar. Intentionally sequenced seminars (two weeks each) occur asynchronously on our online campus throughout the program. These seminars offer adult learners a personalized, self-directed, and discovery-based approach contextualized by integrative learning. Students experience an evolving progression of readings, dialogues, and creative and observational explorations during the seminar process.

What is integrative learning?

Integrative learning begins from the universal understanding that life on Earth is a derivative of an evolutionary cosmos. Students identify concrete ideas for their present and future contributions to the Earth community by integrating all content. At its core, within the M.Ed. are both content and process that provide individuals with a pathway to explore, collaborate, and appreciate their centers nested in a cosmo-ecological context.


License Disclosure

The M.Ed. in Montessori Integrative Learning and the M.Ed. in Integrative Learning do not provide the education requirements for any state licensure. 

Additional information, including a breakdown by state.


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