Alumni named Influencer in Aging

Dr. Ken Dychtwald has dedicated his life to fighting ageist stereotypes. His mission to educate the country to both effectively face the massive demographic shift that is the “age wave” and to promote a new and vital image of maturity has just landed him on Next Avenue’s 2016 50 Most Influential People in Aging.

Dr. Dychtwald was one of the youngest graduates to earn a Ph.D. from Union Institute & University when he graduated in 1976. His academic work led him to found Age Wave, a firm he leads that is solely dedicated to helping society understand the implications aging of America. He is internationally regarded as the single most influential marketer to and about baby boomers.

“Ken came back to Union to help us celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2014. His presentation on the opportunities and challenges the country faces with this massive demographic shift was, in the words of Union’s mission, enlightening, engaging, and empowering,” said Dr. Roger H. Sublett, president of Union Institute & University. “Ken is an outstanding example of how our alumni are dedicated to a lifetime of learning, service, and social responsibility.”

The chairman-elect of the American Society on Aging, consultant to over half of the Fortune 500 companies and government global leadership, winner of the prestigious McKinsey Award for his Harvard Business Review article, “It’s Time to Retire Retirement,” and author of 16 books, Dr. Dychtwald continues to promote a new and vital image of maturity that has impacted millions.

About Dr. Ken Dychtwald

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