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Children of the Decree: A Journalist’s Battle to Save Romanian Orphans and Herself

By Maria Dezotell-Holderman (MED ’09)

Maria Holderman has written a compelling book named “Children of the Decree: A Journalist’s Battle to Save Romanian Orphans and Herself.” It vividly describes “Decree 770,” instituted under dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. The decree banned all birth control, which resulted in Romania’s international adoption system and the underground trafficking of children.

Before moving to the United States, Holderman was an investigative journalist and bestselling author in Romania under the pen name (Dana Achim.)  In an interview with the Press-Republican, Holderman states, “I was born in the first generation of ordered children by dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, who wanted to increase the population of Romania to form his army of fighters for communism. His vision was to create the best children, best athletes, smart, competitive, problem solvers.” Continue reading her interview with the Press-Republican.

A Practical Guide Progressive Values Libertarian Solutions

By Gerald Schneider (Ph.D. ’77)

Dr. Schneider recently completed, “A Practical Guide Progressive Values Libertarian Solutions.” The former Alumni Association Board member outlines realistic and ethical solutions to many world problems that invite dialogue. It bridges the gap between progressives and conservatives in a divided America. Readers will find the book original, thoughtful, lucid, concise, and reasoned – as well as provocative.


In a Perfect World: Man in Relationship with Self 

By Dr. Ellema Albert Neal’s (B.S. ’14)

Dr. Ellema Albert Neal’s latest book “In a Perfect World: Man in Relationship with Self “ asks men to reframe masculinity by tapping into their deepest selves. The first book in a trilogy, this volume will help you rediscover, come to know and love yourself more deeply. You will call on the powers of witnessing, alchemy, and creativity to change your life and shape a new reality. Learn more about Dr. Neal and her work.


Tasting Awe: My One Life

By Marybeth Bridges Webster (Ph.D.’77)

Dr. Webster has self-published two books through World of SoulCollage. “Tasting Awe: My One Life” is her memoir. At the age of 93, she just completed “Earth Set,” an ekphrastic combination of poetry. The books are not available through a publisher but are available through Dr. Webster. Email for more information.


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