Black History Month is celebrated every February as a time to commemorate and acknowledge the Black Americans who played a critical role in the founding and shaping of the United States.

Union Institute & University is participating in the celebration by spotlighting members of our faculty and staff.


Tell us about your role at Union Institute & University.
Affiliate faculty in the Social Work department instructing multicultural issues in Social Work, Research I, and Research II.

What does Black History Month mean to you?
Carter G. Woodson created Negro History Week in 1926, to educate Americans on the impact Black people have in America’s history which was missing from textbooks and media. The week was expanded to a month and to me, Black History Month means Americans are in need of a reminder to educate students on Black people’s contributions to America.

Is there a Black leader, past or present, who inspires you?
Bayard Rustin was a theorist, tactician, and organizer who inspired me. Due to his sexual orientation, Bayard had to remain behind the scenes. He advised Dr. Martin L. King Jr. with non-violent theories and organized many social movements like the March on Washington, Freedom Rides, and American Jewish Congress – just to name a few. He advocated for what he thought was right and did not need to be in the limelight.

What is your favorite mantra?
Selah is one of my favorite word mantras, it means to pause and reflect before moving forward.