Historic articulation agreement with the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica results in Union’s first graduate

Carol Myrie

Three and a half years ago, on January 9, 2019, Union Institute & University (Union) entered into a historic articulation agreement with the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ) and Jamaican Constabulary Force. The agreement allowed Jamaican residents to transfer credits to Union’s bachelor’s degrees. This affiliation underscores Union President Dr. Karen Schuster Webb’s commitment to educational equity worldwide.

Carol Myrie is the first Jamaican native to graduate under the agreement with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Management with a concentration in Homeland Security.

“The completion of my degree is the culmination of a lifelong dream,” Myrie said. “I am the mother of three children, with the oldest in his early thirties. They are so proud of me. They have watched me work full-time, take my classes, and never give up. I am a role model to my children.”

Myrie is a detective in the law enforcement profession in Jamaica.

“I don’t think any other university in the world can compare to Union. The knowledge I have attained expanded my insight on how to help people and to be able to see beyond a certain extent of some situations within my sphere and with the assistance of others. I have never thought of my career in law enforcement as punitive but as an avenue to offer support and to give relief to those who are much deserving in situations where persons are unable to cope.”

Myrie believes her education has enhanced her career.

“We live in a global community, no matter the distance, time, and space that we are from each other. Happenings in one country can have an adverse effect on others. The knowledge gained from my Criminal Justice Management curriculum with a concentration in Homeland Security has set the platform on which I can stand to deal with happenings from an informed position/perspective and to offer quality delivery that is required in my line of work and in a professional capacity without hesitation at that desired standard,” Myrie said.


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