Improving reading skills is my purpose

Sheneka Scott Brown is passionate about helping children to read. Her passion led her to Union Institute & University to complete her Master of Education in 2012, and then to opening The Promise Academy in 2022.

Her quest to make literacy a top priority started with her own children.

“My son was diagnosed with speech impediment development delays in kindergarten. Reading was a struggle. After a meeting with his teacher, I knew if I was going to help him I had to have more knowledge to tutor him,” Brown explained. “I also had to be at home to raise my children at this time in my life. A friend told me about Union. The university counselors and professors understood my family situation and time constraints.

Union professor Dr. Beverly Carter-Remy encouraged me to see the influence I could have on my son’s education. As my tutoring skills improved, I watched my son grow exponentially academically and socially. He went from being delayed in kindergarten to being gifted by the end of the second grade. I give the credit to Union and its professors for this metamorphosis.”

She knew she had to help other parents and students with reading struggles, which led to the opening of The Promise Academy.

“The Promise Academy specializes in reading K-12. We offer one-on-one tutoring, preparation for standardized testing, such as the SAT and ACT, and online tutoring that includes homework assistance, test-taking assistance, and reading strategies,” Brown said.

She has also started an annual Literacy Fair.

“The purpose of the Literacy Fair is to promote lifelong learners and help to develop a love of reading. Sponsors provided free books and retired teachers read to the children. In addition, we had a literacy bus,” Brown said.

Today Brown is in her 13th year as a Dade County, Florida Reading Coach.

“I have the best of both worlds. I teach teachers research-based reading methods and I help parents improve their children’s reading skills. I thank Union for helping me find my purpose-driven life.”

Interested in learning more? Visit The Promise Academy.

You too can fulfill your purpose with a Union Master of Arts in Education.