Institute for Social Justice is Launched

The Institute for Social Justice (ISJ) has been launched by Union Institute & University to promote social justice and equity.

The mission of ISJ is to apply theory to practice through scholar-practitioners, philanthropists, policymakers and other leaders, who are committed to promoting social justice and equity in the United States and globally through research, education and policy.

“Union Institute & University was founded on the premise to engage, enlighten, and empower adult learners to achieve a lifetime of learning and service. Coupled with a curriculum that interweaves social justice in the curriculum, our students and alumni recognize that with knowledge comes the responsibility to serve to advance a culturally pluralistic, equitable, and interdependent world,” said Dr. Karen Schuster Webb, President of Union Institute & University. “The Institute expounds on our mission and provides an action platform to answer the question, ‘What to do about the seeming inability to advance social justice?’

The Institute voices and actualizes 21st-century collaborative thought leadership with extant programs and individuals that are committed to providing innovative and pragmatic solutions on a global level through programs that focus on these objectives:

  • Research and propose public policies and programs that reduce economic disparities and accelerate steps to reducing racism.
  • Promote international policies and programs that increase civic engagement.
  • Foster policies that promote economic and social equity.
  • Transform social disparities through dedicated centers of excellence such as education, economic policies and programs, housing, health care, and criminal justice.

“The Institute will be a catalyst for equity for all by giving hope, enabling action, and compelling change,” said Dr. Webb.


Learn more about The Institute for Social Justice at Union Institute & University and be part of the solution to promote social justice and equity.