Photo of Anuradha Mitra

Anuradha Mitra Ph.D.

Humanities & Culture Faculty
Anu M. Mitra has a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York. Since 1988, she has worked at the Union Institute & University in various administrative and teaching capacities, most recently as faculty in the Graduate College of the University. She has also taught at Yale University, Antioch College, Empire State College, and Sichuan University in China. Her areas of scholarly research are design thinking; visual culture and leadership development; social justice theory and practice; and arts-based practices in organizational settings.

Her research and workshops linking art and social justice and art and leadership development have been offered at many forums, including the Academy of Management conference (“Arts-Based Methods in Management Education”, August 2015, Vancouver); the Lowe Museum of Art at the University of Miami; the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles; the University of Cincinnati Medical School; the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, and others. Her research on visual strategy and its relationship to leadership practices has been published in many forums, most recently in the International Leadership Association Connector ( “Understanding Leadership: An arts and humanities perspective–an interview with Rob McManus and Gama Perucci,” August, 2015); Proceedings of the Seventh International Art of Management and Organizations Conference, Copenhagen Business School, (“Participatory Action Research and Social Justice: issues of moral relevance in life and art,” August, 2014); Leadership Studies: The Dialogue of Disciplines (2011), ed. Michael Harvey and Ronald E. Riggio, UK: Edward Elgar Press; and the Journal of Business Strategy, vol 31. no. 4 (2010). She has served as a peer reviewer at Organizational Aesthetics and Leadership and the Humanities. In 2015, she received a Certificate of Distinction for Excellence in Scholarship, Union Institute & University’s Graduate College. In 2011, she was awarded the Teacher of the Year Award by the Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges. She was also a member of Leadership Cincinnati, Class XXI, a year-long leadership study forum organized by the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.