Rick Chaffee

Rick Chaffee M.A., Ph.D.

Part Time Faculty

Rick Chaffee, MA, Ph.D. is Chair of the undergraduate Business Management department. He has a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Denver and a Ph.D. degree in Applied Social Sciences from Union Institute and University. Dr. Chaffee has worked in industry with a Fortune 500 company, Marathon Oil/US Steel, as a training and development specialist both nationally and internationally as well as managed five departments within a large non-profit organization, the Catholic Diocese of Toledo, OH.

Dr. Chaffee also spend a decade running his own company, supporting corporate employees and National Guard soldiers by providing on-site training programs that carried ACE college credit recommendations, accelerating their degree progress. He has a particular interest in leadership and its role in creating positive workplace environments, environments that help employees feel they can be themselves and contribute their best within their workplaces, communities and homes.