Photo of Joseph Ahlo

Joseph Ahlo Ph.D.

MS-HCL Faculty Member

Joseph Ahlo, Ph.D. is a new voice in the field of business design and strategy. Accustom to rapid organizational changes, Dr. Ahlo is adept at teaching teams how to identify and ask the right questions to help solve complex problems in times of great uncertainty. Dr. Ahlo’s most recent research, Online Product Perception: Improvements for the Design of Products Sold Online, takes on the many unique challenges facing product designers in the digital age and offers a new way to look at designing products for online perception.

Prior to receiving his Ph.D., Dr. Ahlo experienced firsthand how Fortune 500s and small businesses alike innovate and navigate rapidly evolving markets. Dr. Ahlo’s current research interests include how to leverage online platforms and Design Thinking to improve quality of life, access to information, and everyday experiences across society.

Dr. Ahlo joined Union Institute & University in 2019 and teaches courses in Design Thinking and Research.

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