Photo of Lisette Rodriguez

Lisette Rodriguez Ph.D., IBCLC

Chair, Health & Wellness Major
Lisette Rodriguez is a professor of Human Lactation in the M.A. in Health and Wellness Program at Union Institute and University. She holds a PhD in Public Health and has been as active International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for nine years. Prior to her certification, she worked in maternal child health as a Lactation Counselor for five years. She has experience working with families in NICU, Mother/Baby unit, Labor and Delivery and WIC.

As a true advocate of preventative medicine, she is committed to helping society through professional and community enrichment by providing professional interaction and education in the field of lactation. In conjunction with her efforts to decrease illnesses by focusing on preventative care strategies, her mission is to foster and encourage the wide spread of information, support, and training by educating individuals who will support families worldwide. She has committed herself to professional education and has extended her efforts towards prevailing evidence-based health practices among adult learners.