Merritt Worthen

Merritt Worthen B.S., M.BA., M.Div., Ph.D.

MBA Faculty

Dr. M. Merritt Worthen is a proficient business and ministry leader with extensive experience in strategic planning, managing staff, and overseeing financial and functional operations. She has a track record of revitalizing and stabilizing business and church structures and operations, as well as unique branding strategies to widen market appeal.  She is adept at creating an environment that motivates and incents people to engage in cohesive planning, teamwork, and strategic goal achievement.

Merritt has over ten years of experience managing departments and divisions within two historically Fortune 500 companies.  She has led in areas of Process Improvement and Technology, Sales and Operations Support, Regional Order Services, Lease Operations, and Project Management.

As a Senior Pastor, Merritt also guides church leaders and members in areas of ministry service, teamwork, strategic planning and implementation, marketing, fundraising, fiscal planning and management, public relations, and community outreach.

She has taught a business class at Clark Community College in Springfield, Ohio, and Masters Classes at United Theological Seminary.

Merritt holds the following degrees:

PhD in Ethical and Creative Leadership, with a specialization in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Studies, Union Institute and University, Cincinnati OH

Master of Divinity, United Theological Seminary – Dayton, Ohio

M.B.A. Project Management, Wright State University – Dayton, OH

B.S. Business Management, Franklin University – Columbus, OH