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Tom Maloney M.A.

Affiliate Faculty

Tom Maloney, MA, is an adjunct faculty member at Union Institute and University where he has been facilitating and supporting undergraduate programs since 2011.  Tom has a Master’s degree in Leadership and a Bachelor’s degree in Management, both from Saint Mary’s College of California, in Moraga, California.  While working fulltime in the law enforcement field, he provided Lead Instructor services in the Graduate Leadership Studies Program at Saint Mart’s College of California for a dozen years.  At Union, Tom has provided instructional services in the undergraduate Criminal Justice Management, Organizational Leadership, and, Business Management Programs

Subsequent to three decades in public service, Tom founded a California Company providing professional services internationally in the public and private sectors, covering the fields of management, team building, mentoring, strategic planning, risk management, training and educational consulting.  During this same time, he has presented or co-presented at educational seminars in Denver, Colorado, Vancouver, Canada, as well as at the University of Limerick, in Ireland.