New Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling

A certificate in alcohol and drug abuse counseling is now available through Union Institute & University’s Master of Arts with a Concentration in Counseling Psychology program. The certificate is designed to effectively prepare students for credentialing as alcohol and drug abuse counselors. Topics covered in the program include substance abuse screening and assessment, psychopharmacology, counseling skills, and advanced treatment approaches for addiction.

Career opportunities for credentialed substance abuse counselors are strong, with an average 78% placement rate reported by colleges offering specific training degrees or certificates in substance abuse counseling. The U.S. Board of Labor Statistics estimates that this job market will increase 21% from 2010-2018, with many states reporting a much higher need for counselors trained in substance abuse counseling. This is an optimal time for professionals in human services and others interested in furthering or changing careers to consider education in substance abuse counseling.

“The need for expanded graduate-level coursework in substance abuse counseling reflects current empirical and anecdotal collected evidence indicating that all human service professionals, whether they work in the fields of substance abuse, mental health, or service-based industries, will encounter issues of substance abuse with many of their clients,” notes Gerald A. Fishman, Ph.D., associate dean of Union’s Master of Arts with a Concentration in Counseling Psychology program. “Considering the economic costs and the price in human suffering of substance use and abuse, it is critical that all mental health professionals understand the process of abuse and addiction, its impact on co-occurring mental health disorders, and the treatment approaches that are considered of most efficacy.”

To accommodate a variety of student needs, the certificate is offered as both a degree-dependent graduate certificate as well as a stand-alone graduate certificate. Students enrolled in Union’s Master of Arts with a Concentration in Counseling Psychology program can concurrently pursue the certificate without taking additional coursework. The stand-alone graduate certificate allows individuals to earn required education hours for certification without having to enroll in the M.A. degree program. In addition, stand-alone certificate courses are eligible to apply toward Union’s M.A. with a Concentration in Counseling Psychology program.

All six courses are delivered online, with brief weekend residencies scheduled once each term, occurring simultaneously in Cincinnati, Ohio and Brattleboro, Vermont.

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