Ph.D. offers new Educational Studies major

PhD program

CINCINNATI, OH – Union Institute & University President Roger H. Sublett is pleased to announce the addition of a doctoral level Educational Studies major to Union’s Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies program, beginning July 2015. The Educational Studies major will complement the existing majors of Ethical and Creative Leadership; Humanities and Culture; and Public Policy and Social Change in the Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies Program. Union Institute & University’s Educational Studies major has been approved by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and will admit students for the term and residency starting in July 2015.

“Union Institute & University has a 50-year legacy as an innovator in adult higher education, particularly in programs focusing on social justice,” said Union Institute & University President Dr. Roger H. Sublett. “The decision to offer the new major comes after detailed study and response to a shifting demand for Ph.D. degrees in this area. Union has offered the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) with specializations in Higher Education and in PK-12 and Education Leadership since 2008. The Ed.D. will be retained for doctoral aspirants who envision a career practicing educational leadership.”

The new doctoral major will allow students to explore complex issues in the fields of PreK-12 and higher education, with core seminars on social justice in education and the philosophical and historical foundations of education. As they advance through the program, students will have more flexibility than traditional programs and opportunities to study a variety of topics, including theories of teaching and learning, the role of technology, issues of diversity, educational systems, legal and policy matters, and assessment.

“As a pioneer in adult education, the Educational Studies major is another example of our effort to meet the expanding needs of our students,” said Dr. Sublett. “Union is distinguished by its focus on adults and its flexible, socially relevant, and applicable learning outcomes.”

Learn more about the Union Institute & University Educational Studies major and Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies program by contacting or 800-861-6400.