The Higher Education Journey Together

Married couple Antwan and Daniel Mckenzie-Plez took the higher education journey together. “Chasing our career dreams with each other added a layer of support I didn’t expect,” said Daniel. “Our mantra was we can do this.”

That foundation paid off when Antwan and Daniel graduated at national commencement on October 6, 2018. Antwan with his M.A. with a major in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counseling Graduate Certificate and Daniel with his B.S. in Business Administration.

Both chose Union to pursue career dreams.

“My grandaunt, Earlene Gilmore-Solomon, is an alumna of Union. She took over the role of grandmother to me. She taught special education for 40 years and inspired me to give of myself,” said Antwan.

Antwan credits his degree from Union for his career. “I am pursuing my passion to work with developmentally disabled adults. The drug abuse in this group is overlooked because there has been little to no research in this area. I am working to influence policy to help these individuals. The CMHC major requires an internship and now I am employed fulltime in a career where I can help people,” said Antwan.

Daniel wants to climb the corporate ladder and be a CEO.

“My professors made me believe in myself. They were the first to point out how much I bring to the table,” said Daniel. “Because of them, I am in a new job and better pay scale. My employer is impressed with the skills I offer.”

Antwan and Daniel have found that a degree from Union builds a career that is true to Union’s mission to engage, enlighten, and empower.

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