What can an MBA from Union Institute & University do for you?  

What can an MBA from Union Institute & University do for you?  

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most prestigious degrees in the business world, suggests Mary Margaret Kraut, Interim Director of the Union Institute & University Master of Business Administration Program.

“An MBA graduate moves to the front of the hiring or promotion line in relation to other applicants. MBA students are skilled in critical thinking, problem-solving, management, and leadership. Those four abilities are what private, public sector, and not-for-profit organizations seek most in an employee,” Kraut said. “In addition, MBA graduates are trained to prioritize and quickly assess challenges in business organizations in both the private and public sectors. What organization would not want employees with these qualifications on its team?”

Organizations in many private and public industries value an MBA. Private business organizations, public business entities, government organizations, such as law enforcement, fire service, medical first responder organizations, healthcare organizations, new business start-ups, education organizations, and many non-profit organizations, need capable management and leadership employees with critical thinking, problem-solving, management, and leadership skills.

“The advantage of the Union Institute & University MBA degree is the personal knowledge and skills acquired to adapt to any challenging business situation in a domestic or global environment,” Kraut says. “MBA graduates can impact any private, public, or not-for-profit business organization by implementing quick and decisive action to address everyday challenges or unexpected crisis challenges. Business and leadership knowledge with strong management and leadership skills would be essential for new business organizations in the start-up  phase.”

What sets Union Institute & University’s MBA apart?

“The Union Institute & University MBA curriculum is grounded in real-world application and taught by faculty who are scholar-practitioners,” Kraut said. “They understand working adult students and their many work and family responsibilities. Very few universities can make that claim. Below are my top ten reasons to earn your MBA at Union Institute & University.”

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Union Institute and University’s MBA Program:

  1. The student’s success is the top priority.
  2. Professors have flexible evening and weekend hours to answer student questions.
  3. Students may enroll in any term throughout the year with no penalty.
  4. No Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required.
  5. No cost to apply.
  6. All courses are offered online.
  7. Competitive and reasonable fees.
  8. Scholarships and Grants are available.
  9. Military and Veteran coordinators are available as part of Student Support Services.
  10. Alumni are eligible for a $1,000 scholarship.

The MBA Program offers the following specializations, plus a concentration in cybersecurity:

MBA Specialization in Criminal Justice Management – An excellent choice for law enforcement, criminal justice, corrections, FBI, or emergency services management professionals. The design of the MBA degree with the Criminal Justice Management specialization is to help students advance through the ranks and achieve positions at an executive level or be more effective in their current position. It also prepares students to consider career positions across agencies.

MBA Specialization in Health Care Leadership – The perfect choice for an individual to advance their career within competitive healthcare organizations. This specialization opens the door for graduates to pursue management and leadership opportunities in hospitals, long-term care, healthcare systems, pharmaceuticals, physician practices, urgent care centers, health insurance companies, rehabilitation services, public health, and so many other healthcare areas that need the application of sound business principles and practices.

MBA Specialization in Organizational Leadership – The right choice for the individual who is a manager and wants to advance to a leadership position within an organization. Advanced instruction focuses on various business-related disciplines – including accounting, ethics, management, marketing, organizational behavior, strategic management, organizational changes, cross-cultural communication, and other leadership topics. Students will cover topics ranging from organizational effectiveness, cross-functional collaboration, corporate social responsibility, organizational behavior, and project management.

MBA Design Your Own Specialization  – This MBA specialization allows students to take courses in their specific area of interest.  Once students complete the MBA core courses and required MBA elective courses, they may take any three master-level courses in any master’s discipline. Several options are courses from master programs in Education, Healthcare Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, or Business courses not taken as part of the MBA program. The median annual salary (2021) would depend on the student’s choice of courses.

MBA Concentration in Cybersecurity – Outstanding choice for the cybersecurity expert. On the management side, students will learn about security governance through principles and policies, security vulnerabilities, threats, and countermeasures, managing identity and authentication, and preventing and responding to cybersecurity incidents. On the cybersecurity side, students will learn about risk and auditing, firewall management, ransomware attacks, and micro-segmentation, which are essential in today’s cybersecurity industry.

This is what a Union Institute & University MBA can do for you!  Enroll today to earn one of the most prestigious degrees in the business world.