Alumnus joins the ranks of world’s most distinguished radiologists

Dr. David Antonio Hernandez has received one of the highest honors the American College of Radiology (ACR) can bestow. He has been awarded a Fellow of the American College of Radiology. Only 15 % of current ARC members have received this prestigious recognition.

The 1997 graduate of Union with a Ph.D. in Applied Physics is the first and only Union graduate to receive this ACR recognition. He is the Chief Diagnostic & Nuclear Medical Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer of his own company, Radiation Protection Associates. His scientific work applies physics in the art of human disease diagnoses and treatment in support of community medicine. His work has resulted in several national and international patents for the quality and safe application of ionizing radiation and imaging science in the healing arts.

Hernandez credits Union with much of his success.

“This fellowship is not only a recognition from my colleagues, but it also reflects the quality of education I received at Union. The university’s commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards of performance and commitment to transparency, integrity, and respect has been an intrinsic part of my work.”

His path started with humble beginnings.

“It’s been a long journey, from growing up in a less than favorable zip code in New York City to joining the ranks of the most world distinguished and accomplished Physicist Scientists, Diagnostic Radiologists, and Radiation Oncologists.”

The guidelines for the award are stringent and include demonstrated service to the profession; proven significant accomplishments in scientific or clinical research in the field of radiology; significant contributions to literature; and/or provided outstanding work as a teacher of radiology. (Source: ARC)

In addition to his Union Ph.D., Hernandez holds two Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degrees. One from the University of Tennessee, with concentrations in Health Radiation Risk Assessments, Biostatistics, Radiation Safety, Radiation Exposure / Benefit-Cost Analysis, Utilization Review, and Financial Management. The other M.P.H. is from the School of Medicine, College of Public Health at Yale University with concentrations in Biostatistics, Foundations of Epidemiology, and Health. His B. A was earned at Saint Leo College, School of Liberal Arts, and Hillsborough Community College. He is a published peer-reviewed author and holds several licenses and certifications.

Hernandez is grateful to Union for his development professionally and personally.

“If it wasn’t for Union’s excellent education provided to me, navigation of life labyrinth to obtain Fellow American College of Radiology (FACR) would not have occurred. Union will always have a very special place in my heart. The university molded my character.”