Submit your Faculty Award Nominations

Nominate your favorite Union instructor for the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

Nominate Your Professor 2015
Do you have a favorite Union Institute & University instructor who deserves recognition for exceptional hard work and dedication? Students, faculty (including self-nominations), administration, alumni, and friends of the university are welcome to nominate Union faculty members for the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. Nominations will be accepted through February 28, 2015. The winner will be announced in April.

This award recognizes the exemplary achievements by Union faculty in the area of teaching, it carries a $1000 stipend. The winner will also have the opportunity to present their teaching philosophy and experience at a future Virtual Faculty Meeting. All Union faculty—including full-time, part-time, and affiliate—are eligible.

How to nominate faculty:

Nominations should include the following information:
a) a letter of nomination explaining why the nominee is qualified to be recognized in this manner
b) the nominee’s most current curriculum vitae
c) any documentary evidence in support of the nomination which may include up to three letters in support of the nomination
d) information regarding any other financial award or grant that has been received in support of the faculty member’s work that forms the basis of this nomination
e) the identity of the persons making and supporting the nomination.

Nominations may be submitted electronically by February 28, 2015. Please direct any questions regarding the award to

Except for self-nominations, the portfolio should not include any confidential information. For self-nominations, confidential information such as dean’s reviews or peer reviews may be submitted in support of the nomination but any confidentiality in that information will be deemed to have been waived.

In order for a nomination to receive full consideration, items a.) through d.) must be included in the nomination dossier. Moreover, substantial items and/or amount of the activities of a candidate upon which the nomination is based must be performed during a candidate’s employment at Union Institute & University. The quality and thoroughness of the nomination materials, including current curriculum vitae, are important factors in committee recommendations. The activities of excellence and quality performance should be demonstrated in a consistent and sustained pattern for a period of time and are continuing at the time a candidate is being considered for the award.

The Faculty Personnel and HR Committee will review the nominations and make a recommendation to the Faculty Council. The Faculty Personnel and HR Committee will also review nomination portfolios that were submitted over the past two award cycles for each of the three award categories provided that the original nominator(s) submits an updated nomination cover letter. The Chair of the Faculty Personnel and HR Committee will inform the nominator(s) of each previous nominee of the opportunity to update the nomination letter, and, optionally, the portfolio contents. The Committee may recommend a winner, a list of finalists for the Faculty Council to consider, or may recommend that no award be given.