Social Work Degree Program Earns Accreditation

CINCINNATI, OH – Union Institute & University’s Bachelor of Science major in Social Work program has been awarded initial accreditation by the Council on Social Work (CSWE) through October 2018. The accreditation is retroactive to the fall of 2011.

“Accreditation enhances Union Institute & University’s rigorous social work degree program. It is certainly another milestone as we move into our 51st year of educating adults,” said Union Institute & University President Dr. Roger H. Sublett. “The accreditation process is a stringent progression of educational standards and self-study that we have undertaken over the past four years. We are grateful to CSWE’s commissioner and others for their keen inquiries and study of our program.”

Union Institute & University has demonstrated a long-term commitment to social work education. The university formally adopted social work as one of a number of professionally focused majors within the Bachelor of Science, authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents in 2008. Today, the Bachelor of Science major in Social Work offers a blended teaching model that combines online learning, face-to-face supervision, and videoconferencing to enhance classroom instruction and community-based field education.

“Achieving accreditation not only affirms the integrity of social work education at Union Institute & University but also strengthens the university’s capacity to meet the nation’s growing demand for professional social workers,” said Nina E. Lewis, director of Union’s program. “We were successful in this effort because of the tremendous support received from students, faculty, and staff as well as colleagues across our professional community.”

Students choose Union because of its proven commitment to diverse, non-traditional-aged students, working professionals, and military service members seeking to enhance their educational qualifications while maintaining commitments to career, family, and community. Social work majors gain access to advanced graduate study options, professional membership, and licensure.

Accreditation exemplifies the university’s strategy for sustaining academic excellence as well as its commitment to socially responsible programs. “The accreditation also is part of our long-term goal to ‘transform lives and communities.’ Our students’ lives will be enhanced, and they are better prepared and equipped to go into their communities fully prepared to transform the lives of others,” said Dr. Sublett.

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