Human Rights Day 2021: All human, all equal

Human Rights Day is marked every year on December 10 to commemorate the day in 1948 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that established the equal dignity and worth of every person.

Takevess Hatcher, a Ph.D. student with a major in Public Policy and Social Change, recently presented a creative project on human rights to his cohort named “The Soshalrites.” The play depicts a family of various ages that discuss the injustices of human rights violations from each person’s point of view and the importance of parents and guardians to teach their children about human rights.

“The drama encourages all watchers to get into some good trouble and stand up for human rights. The essence of The Soshalrites is, we all can do something to ensure that the human rights of people near and far are not being infringed upon, and if they are, The Soshalrites will be there to defend,” Hatcher said.

Nancy A. Boxill Ph.D., Public Policy and Social Change Concentration Faculty, expounds on Union’s charge to graduate engaged citizen-scholars who can question and reexamine the principles and values that govern our society and be committed agents for social change and work to solve the issues within our world.

“Union’s doctoral program is built upon a scholar-practitioner model of learning and scholarship. The nexus of the approach requires students and faculty to consider real-world everyday matters and to weigh in on both problem definition and paths toward resolution. There can be little doubt that our communities – immediate and global, are faced with complex human rights conversations and decisions. Our community of emerging scholars, particularly those enrolled in Human Rights and Public Policy, engages thought and action. In the course, we build upon a range of scholarship preparing to actually tackle the challenge of involving communities in on-the-ground human rights activities. Students make a plan to make a difference.”

United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet reminds us that we are all human, all equal.

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes the equal dignity and worth of every person,” Bachelet said. “At the heart of human rights lie the principles of equality and non-discrimination. Equality has the power to help break cycles of poverty; it can give young people the world over the same opportunities; it can help in advancing the right to a healthy environment; it can help tackle the root causes of conflict and crisis.”

Hatcher hopes his play encourages us to take a stand.

“Don’t be afraid to speak out and take action to ensure human rights.”


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