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Advance Your Childhood Career in California

Union Institute & University’s Child & Adolescent Development major gives you the skills you need to care and work with children from birth through adolescence so you can achieve more in your childcare job or even open a daycare center of your own. With the demand for childcare jobs always growing, Union’s degree will empower you to realize your dream career.

Careers of our Child & Adolescent Development Graduates

Union’s Child & Adolescent Development graduates excel in a variety of business careers with the skills they learn at Union. With Union’s degree, you’ll be ready to address future issues in domestic and international business operations, and employers will be looking for people like you who understand the global marketplace.






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We know the changes to preschools and Head Start programs for teachers may seem overwhelming, but Union is here to help you meet all the government mandates with our flexible degree program. Best of all, you can work while getting your degree. We know earning a degree while working full-time and caring for your family is a balancing act. Our online degree program is flexible, making it possible for you to live your life and learn at the same time.

Skills & Benefits Union Students Gain

  • Emphasize the importance of integrating diversity and multiculturalism in developing curricula and managing child development programs.
  • Analyze and evaluate the theoretical perspectives of developmental psychology in various stages and phases of human development: infancy, early childhood, middle-childhood, and adolescence.
  • Analyze current issues as related to programs for children and compare/contrast and critique the most recent classroom assessment methods.
  • Examine state-mandated requirements of a childcare facility.
  • Evaluate environments to ensure that they meet the developmental needs of children.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with state-mandated health and safety requirements and processes.
  • Compose appropriate techniques and construct developmentally appropriate curriculum and learning activities for working with children in a group setting.
  • Analyze current issues as related to programs for children and compare/contrast and critique the most recent classroom assessment methods.

Child & Adolescent Development Structure & Courses

•  120 Credit Hours Program (minimum)
•  Full-time & part-time options
• January, May, and September start dates
• Up to 90 semester hours in transfer credits
  • Independent Studies
    CHD 100
  • Special Topics
    CHD 190
  • Multicultural Issues in Child Development
    CHD 303
  • The Exceptional Child
    CHD 304
  • The Integration of Developmental Domains, Theory, and Practice
    CHD 305
  • Transforming Learning Standards into Achievement
    CHD 306
  • Constructing Reciprocal Relationships with Families and the Community
    CHD 307
  • Development of the Adolescent
    CHD 308
  • Learning Through Play
    CHD 404
  • The Art and Science of Assessing Children and Families
    CHD 405
  • Professional Practices
    CHD 406
  • Cognitive Development of the Child and Adolescent
    CHD 407
  • Administration and Supervision of Child Development Programs
    CHD 408
  • Language Development of the Child
    CHD 412
  • Working with Young Dual Language Learners
    CHD 414
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