Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies Humanities & Culture

Our Ph.D. with a concentration in Humanities & Culture allows you to study the human condition, explore creative ways to advance social justice and acknowledge differences among individuals and social groups. Our Humanities & Culture program draws on a variety of humanities fields – social and political philosophy, history, religious studies, literature, and aesthetics – that relate to social justice and cultural differences.



66 Total credits
$1095 Cost Per Credit Hour
Jan 1 Next Start Date

Discover three interrelated modes of inquiry


Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Examine tensions and relationships between disciplines to critique and redefine existing knowledge, meanings and relationships among facts, theories and methods.

critical inquiry


Engage in ongoing intellectual dialogues with texts and artifacts, as well as fellow students, instructors and the public. Become a scholar-practitioner and make your voice heard.

creative inquiry


Learn to see things in a whole new way. Examine and reorganize existing meanings and constructions of knowledge to reveal new, unconventional meanings and constructions.

  • 66 credit hour program
  • Full & part-time options
  • *Hybrid program
  • January & July start dates
  • Complete your degree in as little as 3 years

*100% online classes with a one-week residency in Cincinnati at the start of each term.


You have the option of exploring courses outside the ECL concentration or using electives for a certificate (e.g. Executive Leadership) or for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Studies specialization.

EMBEDDED CERTIFICATES - No extra time or cost to complete

Graduate certificates provide you with a distinguished addition to your Ph.D. focus. All students in the Ph.D. Program in Interdisciplinary Studies have the option to pursue one of these graduate certificates embedded in the program:

  • Creative Writing
  • Design Thinking
  • Educational Leadership
  • Ethics and Philosophy
  • Executive Leadership
  • Museum Studies
  • Women’s & Gender Studies

Dissertation Information and Examples

The program supports a variety of formats for doctoral dissertations, including theoretical, historical, and interpretive research, social action research projects, empirical research using qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods, and creative dissertations. Here are some examples from our Humanities & Culture graduates:


  • François, Emery (2021). The Beauty and the Strife: A Memoir of Haiti and Her Legacy in the United States.
  • White, Tamara (2020). Visually Representing Diabetes Management for Incarcerated Women in California: A Creative Dissertation.
  • Reinstatler, Michelle L. (2019).Becoming Legend: Constructing Paranormal Experience and Cultural Performance in Ghost-Hunting Reality TV shows and Recreational Ghost Hunting.
  • Johnson, Jr., James L.  (2018). Sympathy for the Devil: Thawing the Ego and Fostering Empathy through a Theory of Lacanian Reader-response.
  • Jones, Natalie (2017). The Womanist Ethics Matrix: A Methodological Tool for Transformation and Social Change

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