Business Administration

Thrive in a Competitive Marketplace

In today’s competitive market, it’s critical for business professionals to be strong leaders. At Union Institute & University, we prepare you for leadership at all levels of business administration.

Relying on equal parts skill and theory, our Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Business Administration will give you a solid foundation of effective and efficient business principles. You’ll be ready to address future issues in domestic and international business operations, and employers will be looking for people like you who understand the global marketplace.

Union’s online degree program is designed to fit your busy schedule, and our dedicated faculty are here to help as you progress through the program.

Business Administration

Careers for B.S. Graduates with a Business Administration Major

Our graduates work in a variety of business environments:

  • Small and large firms
  • Profit and non-profit organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Financial institutions
  • Government agencies


  • Compare and contrast leadership and management styles.
  • Summarize the purposes of primary financial statements.
  • Explain the functions of management.
  • Compare and contrast the alternative views of ethics and social responsibility strategies.
  • Analyze the various models of decision making and business control processes.
  • Evaluate how federal laws and regulations impact business decisions and shape economic policy.
  • Explain resource allocation, comparative advantage, and the market system.
  • Compare and contrast different methods of improving business processes using a variety of statistical approaches.

Core Curriculum

General Education Courses

  • GECO 221 Government and Economics – Macroeconomics
  • GECO 222 The impact of Personal Choices – Microeconomics
  • GMAT College Algebra
  • GSTA 221 Statistics for the Professional

View a complete list of curriculum requirements.

Major Core Courses

The Business Administration program requires a minimum of 48 credits in the major.

  • ACC 235 Financial Accounting
  • ACC 236 Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 101 Introduction to Business
  • BUS 232 Business Law
  • MGT 343 Operations Management
  • MGT 350 Management of Financial Resources
  • MGT 440 Social & Ethical Issues in Management
  • MGT 450 Strategic Management and Business Policy – Capstone Course*
  • STAT 324 Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement

Major Core Courses are 3 credit hours each, unless otherwise noted.

*MGT 450 Strategic Management and Business Policy is the capstone course and final culminating graduation requirement for the Business Administration major. MGT 450 cannot be taken until all other core courses are completed. With the support and advice of faculty, students choose a specific case study to examine in depth. Students review relevant research and write a paper using the UI&U outcomes, major outcomes, and course specific competencies that address the topic. The paper serves as the CGR for the major, challenging students to draw on theoretical and practical information gained from core and major elective courses to create a document that demonstrates their mastery of knowledge acquired through business administration curriculum.


You must complete a minimum of three additional elective courses to complete the B.S. with a major in Business Administration:

  • BUS 400 Business Independent Studies (1-4 cr.)
  • BUS 490 Business Special Topics (1-4 cr.)
  • HRM 323 Human Resource Management
  • MGT 321 Principles of Management
  • MGT 344 Project Management
  • MGT 351 Management Mistakes and Successes
  • MGT 425 Organizational Behavior and Culture
  • MIS 330 e-Commerce Business Planning
  • MKT 321 Principles of Marketing